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Newsline Tasman District Council: 29-Apr-2022

Tasman District Council Newsline A short story about an upcoming soil mapping campaign to inform landowners and the general public.

Rural Delivery TV1 NZ: 06-Jun-2020

Rural Delivery TV1 NZ An afternoon out with a film crew from Rural Delivery at Troughton Farm. Rural Delivery is a farm business show informing about best practices, research and latest innovations in the rural sector.

NZAGRC capacity building: 11-Feb-2019

Anne's Fascination with Science by Dave McIntyre
'Fascination with the outdoors -  a trait instilled by her grandfather - is still with Anne Wecking today, and is still driving her onwards in her work with soil science. [...]'

FarmersWeekly: 26-Apr-2018
2022_Newsline_April TDC.JPG

Gas not grass at farm field day by Richard Rennie
'Ground-breaking research turning a commercial dairy farm into a living lab is starting to reveal some valuable insights for farmers seeking ways to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gases. [...]'

FarmersWeekly: 10-Oct-2017

Laser throws light on emissions by Richard Rennie
'A quantum cascade laser sounds like something from Dr Who [...].'

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Alle Videos

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