Reconciling annual nitrous oxide emissions of an intensively grazed pasture determined by eddy covariance and emission factors (published in AEE, 1st author)


A novel injection technique: using a field-based quantum cascade laser for the analysis of gas samples derived from static chambers

(published in AMT, 1st author)


Improved gap filling approach and uncertainty estimation for eddy covariance N2O fluxes (published in AFM, co-author)



Paddockk scale nitrous oxide emissions from intensively grazed pasture: Quantification and mitigation (PhD)


Managing forest ecosystems in Mongolia -

the crucial role of soil (MSc)


Pedogenesis and pedodynamics on anthropogenically built sediment bodies - coal mining waste heap Haniel (BSc)


The effect of pasture renewal on C, N2O and GHG budgets in an intensively grazed New Zealand grassland (submitted, 2nd author)

Cusanuswerk scholar



ifp scholar


DairyNZ scholarship


NZAGRC and the University of Waikato Doctoral Scholarship


Other scholarships:





NZSSS best PhD student in the final year

The public tongue - views and voices

NZAGRC Interview at Troughton farm: 09-Jun-2020

One family's journey to farming sustainably available on the youtube channel of the NZ Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre. The video introduces Sarah and Ben Troughton, farm owners of my PhD research site, and their philosophy from a high input-output operation to a smaller, more diversified and environmentally sustainable system.

Rural Delivery TV1 NZ: 06-Jun-2020

Rural Delivery TV1 NZ An afternoon out with a film crew from Rural Delivery at Troughton Farm. Rural Delivery is a farm business show informing about best practices, research and latest innovations in the rural sector.

NZAGRC capacity building: 11-Feb-2019

Anne's Fascination with Science by Dave McIntyre
'Fascination with the outdoors -  a trait instilled by her grandfather - is still with Anne Wecking today, and is still driving her onwards in her work with soil science. [...]'

FarmersWeekly: 26-Apr-2018

Gas not grass at farm field day by Richard Rennie
'Ground-breaking research turning a commercial dairy farm into a living lab is starting to reveal some valuable insights for farmers seeking ways to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gases. [...]'

FarmersWeekly: 10-Oct-2017

Laser throws light on emissions by Richard Rennie
'A quantum cascade laser sounds like something from Dr Who [...].'